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Who We Are

Over five billion people live upon our planet. Three fourths of its surface is covered with seas. Within those depths a fabulous wonderland awaits.

Any vessel can sail the sea; but only one can explore their depths. SINDBAD SUBMARINES is the only  submarines in Middle East and Africa assigned to show tourists the wonders of undersea world of Red sea.

In 1990 the dream became true, sindbad Tourism Company which is a leading company in entertainment and hotels operated the first submarine in the Middle East.

Sindbad has been manufactured in Finland with the prime consideration of safety and reliability of operation, built to take underwater pressure up to depth of 75 meters, each submarine carries 44 passengers and 4 seats for the pilots and crew members.

It has a spacious cabin with air-conditioned passenger compartments, comfortable seats along with personal and separate TV monitors in front of each view port. The submarine dives to a depth of 25 meters at the coral diving site, each dive stays 50 minutes underwater.

Occupancy Rates

The occupancy rate in 2008

The occupancy rate in 2009

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The occupancy rate in 2013

Reservation Desks

  • Steigenberger Aqua Magic / steigenberger resort

    Youssif Afifi Road84111 Hurghada Egypt

    Phone: +20 65 3465-200

    Fax: +20 65 3465-210

  • Hurghada Marriott Beach Resort

    El Corniche Road, P.O.Box 38  Hurghada  Egypt

    Phone: 20-65-344-6950

    Fax: 20-65-344-6970

  • Sindbad Club Hotels and Excursions

    Hurghada, Red Sea Egypt, P.O. Box 42

    Phone: 20-65-344-9601-7

  • Royal Azur resort

    Qesm Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

    Phone: 20-65-359-0306

  • Hilton Hurghada Resort

    Hurghada Safaga Rd., Touristic Passage – Beside Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel El Hadaba – El Hadaba – Hurghada

    Phone: 20-65-346-5021

  • Arabella azur

    Arabya Rd.Sekala, Hurghada Landmark: Beside Arabia Azur Beach Resort

    Phone: 065-3545-087, 065-3545-086, 065-3545-088, 065-3545-089

    Fax: 065-3545-090

Start Your Adventure !

The excursion start from your hotel with our transfer, for your comfort submarine’s air-conditioned coasters and minibuses make the transportation from the hotel to the submarine and back from all hotels.
Upon your arrival to the marina, you will receive your ticket and your boarding number, our guest relation gives you information before boarding the motor boat (which is used to shuttle the passengers from sindbad marina to submarine diving location and back.)
After 30 minutes, you park on the floating platform (Dream Island) where the submarine is waiting.
Now are you ready for the experience? Prepare yourself; you are going underwater through two hutches to the spacious cabin with a good aisle, comfortable seats. The pilot welcomes you on board Sindbad marine and starts diving; you can follow the submarine diving through your TV. Monitors.
After the submarine completely dive the monitors switch off and the divers show start with the different kinds of colored fish and corals. After 25 minutes the submarine turns to let you see the both sites of the route, after 50 minutes the submarine parks again on the floating platform.
Then you take the motor boat back to sindbad marina and the transfer takes you back to your hotel.


Safety on Board